Governor Murphy's Stages to Reopening NJ

 5/19/2020 2:46 PM

The governor revealed his plan for reopening the state, called “The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health.” As he promised over the weekend, it did not contain specific dates, just ideals connected to stages.

The state, Murphy said, currently is in Stage 1, which includes relaxed restrictions on outdoor activities, such as parks and beaches, as well as construction jobs. Some non-essential retail may open, but only with significant modifications, including curbside pickup — a move that started Monday. Non-elective surgeries are now also allowed. And Murphy announced Monday that outdoor recreation such as batting cages and horseback riding would be permitted.

“What we are working to get to now is Stage 2, which will be a broader restart of our economy,” he said. “Should the data continue to improve and keep giving us a green light, we will be able to further reduce restrictions on other businesses, including allowing our restaurants to once again welcome diners to outdoor tables — and, potentially, to a limited number of indoor ones, or to more creative business models — and for some personal care businesses to begin to reopen for their clients.

“But, again, when we get to Stage 2, not everything will open at once. We will continue to responsibly and deliberately give different sectors a green light in steps.”

Stage 3 would include far fewer restrictions and far more activities, including in-person meetings, limited entertainment and expanded personal care options. The state appears to be a long way from the that.

Murphy said certain precautions will apply to all stages:

  • Work that can be done from home should continue to be done from home;
  • Clinically high-risk individuals who can stay at home should continue to do so;
  • All residents and businesses should follow state and federal safeguarding guidelines, including increased sanitization, mask wearing and limited gatherings.

Murphy said he remains hopeful and thanked the state’s residents for their efforts.


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