After an exhaustive search and due diligence, Gateway Chamber has partnered with Transamerica® and TAG Resources® to offer the Gateway Chamber Retirement Solution. TAG is Transamerica's largest Retirement Exchange 401K - and the largest 'end to end' 401(k) provider in the US.

Your 401(k) Plan is perhaps your biggest hidden compliance exposure.
75% of all plans audited by the DOL last year failed the audit resulting in over $5.6B in fines and penalties over the last 4 years.

The advantages of this program are:

1.You get more for your money. Because this is a multiple employer aggregation program, our members get pricing that is greatly discounted in many ways.

2. It removes fiduciary liability. In most cases the plan sponsor (probably you) is also the fiduciary and as such you incur a lot of liability with the IRS, the US Department of Labor and even your employees. Under our program, for all practical purposes, this fiduciary liability is moved from you to TAG Resources.

3. It removes the administrative burden. As you know, doing all the paper work of a 401(k) is a real burden. TAG Resources does this for our program.

4. It keeps people's money in their accounts. Our 401(k) program stresses the use of target date funds and index funds. The expense ratio for these investments is a fraction of the actively managed funds that are usually recommended by financial advisors. This means that more money stays in your employees pocket instead of going to a fund manager.

The immigration debate

There is no issue that has been more defined in this year’s presidential campaign than immigration. It has divided more voters than even the debates surrounding abortion. For some it is a problem that will spell the doom of our way of life. For others it is an opportunity to show their moral superiority.
It is perhaps the most misguided debate ever.

The politics of the debate conflates what are really two separate issues: legal immigration and illegal immigration. This is especially true of progressives, who no longer even use the term illegal immigration, preferring instead undocumented immigration. This conflation has been a great tool with which to hammer their opponents. Those whose views differ are not in favor of the enforcement of immigration rules and laws, they are bigots without human compassion.

On the other hand, those who want to keep out illegal immigrants and throw out those who are here illegally have become ever more strident in the chant of “build the wall.” It’s pretty easy to paint them as compassionless bigots.
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"Identity theft has become the third certainty in life, right behind death and taxes."

– Adam Levin, Author of the book Swiped: What Identity Thieves Do and How to Stop Them, is a longtime advocate and identity fraud expert, former director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Chairman and Founder of IDT911, and Chairman and Co-founder of

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7th Congressional District Candidates Debate

Venue: Holiday Inn, 36 Valley Road, Clark, NJ 07066
Date: Oct 27, 2016, 8:00 AM (EST)
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