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    Jim IB Headshot

    Inside Views - April 2016
    The adult in the room gets no respect


    by JIM COYLE


    I recently had the opportunity to hear Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick make an impassioned speech about political dysfunction. Bramnick, probably the best speaker in the New Jersey Legislature, made an insightful appeal for a more civil discourse.  Bramnick started with the all too rare admission that Republicans are not always right and Democrats are not always wrong, nor are Democrats always right and Republicans always wrong. Both sides can have good ideas and both sides can support good ideas.

    The problem is that if you want to get the press and the public to pay attention to you, you better never say that. The press and the public thrive on controversy.

    The louder and meaner you can say something, the more likely it is to be heard. Who wants to hear, “My opponent has some good ideas. Let’s go ahead and do that.” What a quick way to
    lose an election.

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